Northern Submission Series, is an event that was created to highlight skilled competitors in a new style of production. We are bringing new light to the sport of Jiu Jitsu. Our founders Cal “Pacino” Ellenor & Anth Hopper are two BJJ purists who both share a joint passion for Jiu Jitsu. The North East of England is a hot bed of talent, most of whom are generally unknown and yet to break through. Our aim initially was to highlight this fact and create stars and opportunities for people that might not regularly get their recognition. After our first event being a huge success, we now take this same approach, to competitors from all over the globe. NSS is more than just a Jiu Jitsu Show, our production value is second to none, we expand with every single event. Our future plan is to create Jiu Jitsu stars, signed to our events and represent our brand as we elevate the game. Our scoring criteria is simple. Black Belt rules, all submissions legal, no slams & fights are scored on legitimate submission attempts, followed by positional dominance, over a 10 minute super fight.

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The information presented in this section allows the visitors and fans of boxing competitions to learn more about the recent fights. It helps to get to know more about your favorite boxers and see which tactics they use.

All the highlights are available online on our site: photos and videos are taken during fights, before and after competitions. It’s important for the sportsmen to feel your support prior to championships.

Out of 24 total fights
Knockouts Over
10 in the first round
Rounds Boxed
Throughout an 8 year span
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The famous boxer can be truly proud of what he has achieved so far! It’s amazing that at such a young age he was able to put his opponents down with knockouts. Multiple awards prove that the title of the champion is well deserved. We are happy to have you on the team!


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